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Sura Baba’s ‘pathshala’ for young women started at 2 am!


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Aug 31:

As in the case of Sarathi Baba before him, hither-to unknown facets of the dark deeds that Sura Baba alias Surendra Mishra indulged in for years under the cover of his Trahi Achyuta ashram, located on the outskirts of the Odisha capital, are coming out in a torrent. Fresh revelations emerging on Sunday suggest that Sura Baba, like his more illustrious (but not necessarily more powerful) predecessor now in the Choudwar jail, had converted sexual exploitation of gullible women devotees into a fine art.

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In a major expose on Kanak TV on Sunday, the wife of a devotee of Sura Baba made some startling revelations about the sexual escapades of the so-called god-man. According to Jyotsnarani, who was in the Kanak TV studio along with her son all evening on  Sunday, Sura Baba used to run a ‘night college’ exclusively for young women that opened at 2 am and closed at 6 am!

If the revelations made by Jyotsnarani are anything to go by, the women agents of the Baba handpick beautiful girls and women from among those who visit the ashram seeking solution to their varied problems and persuade them to seek ‘special blessings’ from the Baba in dead of the night.

These women are asked to come near a banyan tree inside the ashram premises at around 2 AM in the night. After taking a specialized bath using water mixed with turmeric and sandalwood paste, these women are asked to wear new sarees and then taken to a room where Sura Baba waits for them. The women agents of the Baba undress these blessing-seeking women in front of the Baba and leave them there only to return at the break of dawn, Jyotsnarani said.

Besides complaints of land grab, the ashram and the Baba have also been accused of forcing devotees to offer kar seva, which could range from digging earth to breaking stones, inside the ashram. Needless to say, all of it was unpaid seva.

A youth from Malkangiri has accused the inmate of the ashram of taking money from him for a job and then flatly denying that he took any money.





  1. Sura baba must have connections with politicians and administrators dead or alive to win elections and succeed in immoral activities.

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