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Superstition: Odisha woman worshipped as deity in Nabarangpur


Nabarangpur: In yet another instance of superstition prevailing in tribal district of Odisha, the villagers were found worshipping a woman as a deity after she developed unusual behaviour in the recent past days.

The incident was reported in Dhanasuli village in Tumbarla Panchayat under Papadahandi block in Nabarangpur district.

The villagers started worshipping woman, who is sitting on fast in the past five days in a dense forest after she allegedly had darshan of Goddess Parbati.

According to reports, five days ago Dalimba Mali (20), daughter of Jagat Mali in Dhanasuli village, had gone to forest near the village for collecting mushroom. After returning from the forest, her parents found her sitting quiet. When they asked her the reason, she said that she had darshan of goddess Parbati in the forest. After she expressed her willingness to go to the deity, her family members were panicked. Seeking help of a sorcerer in Jhitukuguda village, they told him everything.

After returning from the neighbouring village, the parents found Dalimba was not in the house. They searched her in the forest where they found their daughter was sitting near a termite mound and praying God.

Finding her in such a condition, they informed the villagers, who rushed the forest and began worshipping the girl. Even some of the villagers were found guarding her near the termite ground setting up a temporary camp in the forest.