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Chit fund case: Suggest names for amicus curie, SC asks petitioner


Odisha Sun Times Bureau

New Delhi, Apr 10:

The Supreme Court has asked Alok Jena, the petitioner in the mega chit fund scam in Odisha, to suggest names of senior counsels to act as Amicus Curie in the case.supreme court

During the hearing of the case on Wednesday, an apex court bench comprising Justice TS Thakur and Justice C Nagappan also allowed Jena to change his counsel Suresh Tripathy and somebody else in his place. The decision came after the bench heard both Jena and Tripathy in person.

Jena had pleaded with the court to allow him to discharge Tripathy as his counsel as their relationship had soured irretrievably following the latter’s refusal to follow instructions to produce certain important documents relating to the larger conspiracy angle of the scam.

Sources said differences between Jena and his counsel arose over the latter’s refusal to submit before the court certain documents on Green Ray, an Odisha based chit fund company with operations spread across 14 other states in India, besides Dubai and Nigeria.

The next hearing in the case is on April 23.



  1. So, the cat is out of the bag now. The petitioner is now alleging that the senior counsel Mr Suresh Tripathy who for last one year was pleading his case in the Supreme Court so vociferously, is colluding with some Chit fund companies for obvious reasons. Days are not far off when similar allegations against the petitioner himself which otherwise are well-known in close circles, shall be out in the open. In fact they are not fighting the cause of depositors which they are proclaiming so loudly in the press and media. They all are furthering their own vested interests of political mileage, financial gain and cheap publicity through this litigation.

  2. Advocate Suresh Chandra Tripathy is Advocate on Record not designated Senior Advocate in The Court. He was fighting chit fund case to give benefit & relief to poor investors or to take revenge on Government of Orissa ?

    No doubt Orissa Government is the most corrupt Government in the country. But Mr Tripathy was also fighting in favour of Odisha Government in Orissa High Court earlier. Orissa govt was not involved in mining scam-that was the version of Mr Tripathy in the court then. Now he is telling in the Supreme Court that the Odisha govt is seriously involved in the mining scam !

    Was he not aware that Orissa Govt is seriously involved in the chit fund scam & mining scam when he was the lawyer for Orissa Govt ?

  3. It seems some of the lawyers act according to their whims & interests, and are not really concerned about the petitioners’ original problem for which they require a lawyer- to put forth their problems before the court to get Justice.
    Most of the the petitioners in India are commonmen.Many times some lawyers misguide petitioners for their own benefit. Ultimately the petitioner becomes bankrupt, harassed & ruined in the process of getting Justice.
    Primary Medical education on First Aid & Minimum law education for the rights for the common man should be compulsory in our Schools .
    So that people of India at least will develop confidence to to deal with such issues.

  4. Madam Subhalaxmi
    You are absolutely right and the opinion of Mr. Bikash is far from truth. I was present in Courtroom No. 06 of Honourable Supreme Court on 09.4.2014. The petitioner Sri Alok Jena prayed the court to change his advocate and produced all documents in support of his objections with regard to the advocate. The court allowed Sri Jena to do so and directed Advocate Suresh Chandra Tripathy to handover all documents related to this case to Sri Jena.

    With Regards

  5. Petitioner Alok Jena should have changed his advocate long back, but he never listened to his well wishers who advised him four months ago to do so. Any way now the case will progress in right direction.

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