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Students click selfies with smiling Modi in France


Paris, April 11:

A bunch of excited Indian students greeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the French space agency CNES during his visit to Toulouse and even clicked selfies, with Modi obliging them smilingly while posing for photographs with them.

Pic Courtesy: @meaindia
Pic Courtesy: @meaindia

“We are very excited to meet the prime minister,” a student said, waiting outside the CNES campus on Saturday to meet Modi who toured the space agency and showed interest in all the exhibits there.

“We want that he should interact with us. We have been waiting to meet him,” said another student.

Modi, emerging from the CNES, posed for selfies with them as all the students raised their smartphones to click photographs with the prime minister.

He also posed for a group photograph with the students. Some of them also shouted slogans of “Bharat Mata ki Jai”.

The students said they are keen to help India with the knowledge and training they have gained at the space agency.

“We will be contributing to India, and sharing the knowledge we have gained here when we get back in India, and transfer all the knowledge to India,” said another student.

“India and France have strong cooperation in space and we are trying to boost it. We have learnt a lot of new things here, gained a lot of practical knowledge.”

At the Airbus facility in Toulouse too, which Modi visited earlier, he posed for selfies with many Indians employed at Airbus. He later visited the Prefecture (Grande Salle, Palais National) in Toulouse. (IANS)