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Stone Age weapons discovered along Brahmani river in Odisha


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Talcher, Jun 19:

The discovery of several Stone Age weapons along Brahmani river near Odisha’s Talcher town has enthused historians and archaeologists alike.

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Local collectors came across these ancient weapons along the Brahmani river bringing back archaeological spotlight on the area of possible human civilisation in the region.

Historians are of the view that a human civilisation existed in Talcher as ancient articles were discovered from Kankili, Dharampur, Gurujanga and Samal on the outskirts of Talcher earlier also.

Manoj Kumar Mohapatra, a Talcher-based collector, along with some students of Archaeology department and local people, was engaged in research along the Brahmani river since last two months. The members of the research team discovered several weapons used by humans from Kankili, Dharampur, Gurujanga, Jandabahal and Samal which are along the Brahmani river.

They found four handmade axes, 18 cutting tools, choppers, scaling instruments, seven chisels and carpenter’s axes.

Prof Sashank Mohan Pradhan of the Archaeology Department of Talcher Autonomous College examined the pre-historic weapons discovered along the Brahmani river valley and confirmed that the articles date back to the Stone Age.

“The weapons were used by humans belonging to Stone Age,” Pradhan said.

The discovery of ancient articles is not new for Talcher. In 1875, Valentine Ball had discovered pre-historic antiquities from Kaliakata village under Nisa panchayat under Chhendipada block. Besides, Dr KC Tripathy of Utkal University and Prof GC Mohapatra had discovered ancient articles from Gotamara, Balaramprashad, Banda, Nuahatta, Kurudul, Kulad, Santri, Joragadia, Kandasara, Ranigoda, Turanga, Phulapada, Talamula, Paranga, Kuio, Sana Kerejanga and Kukudanga villages in Angul district and have accorded these places as pre-historic sites.