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Sri Mandir’s Jagamohana on verge of collapse: SJTA


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Puri, Feb 20:

Setting alarm bells ringing, Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) Chief Administrator Suresh Mahapatra has said that the condition of Sri Mandir’s Jagamohan is in very serious condition and needs repair in war footing.

Photo Courtesy: gallery.oneindia.com
Photo Courtesy: gallery.oneindia.com

Chief Administrator Suresh Mahapatra, yesterday, told media that after the scaling of lime plaster from the temple walls for repair, it was found by the technical core committee that the eight beams holding the roof of Jagamohana have hundreds of cracks. The iron rods inside the beams have also rusted away.

The stone column capital on the North-West side, on which the Jagamohana’s ceiling rests, has developed a crack and a stone block is hanging out of it dangerously, posing the risk of a major accident.

This stone column capital is five feet in length, four feet in breadth and is three feet thick. It approximately weighs around 4.5 tonnes. In case of this stone column collapsing, it’s apprehended that the entire Jagamohana will cave in.

During removal of dead plaster, four stone blocks have got dislodged from their position in the ceiling of the Jagamohana. Cracks have been observed in the ceiling where from lime plasters have been removed.

Two stone blocks which have got dislodged from their position in the ceiling of the Jagamohana have been reinforced using steel brackets as a temporary measure.

“The situation is very serious, and we need to take immediate preventive steps to save the Jagamohana. I have written to the ASI and requested them along with experts from IIT Chennai to discuss and create a support system to replace the frame,” said Suresh Mahapatra, SJTA Chief Administrator.

Earlier, the carbon wrapping technique was going to be used to fill up the cracks, but with the extremely critical condition of the Jagamohana, this will not be fruitful, experts feel.

The fault is so severe that only a steel superstructure will be able to probably save the Jagamohana from collapsing, he added.