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Spend Rs 780,000 to brew a perfect tea


New York, May 2 :

This tea machine brews a perfect cup of tea every time you go for it. But there ain’t free tea, isn’t it?

Costing a whopping $13,000 (Rs.780,000), the machine named Bkon does not use the old method of pulling or pushing water through the tea.

Bkon Craft Brewer
Bkon Craft Brewer

Instead, it uses air pressure to draw tea through water.

“Our patented Reverse Atmospheric Infusion process infuses beverages through controlled negative pressure,” Dean Vastardis, Bkon co-founder, was quoted as saying.

Reverse Atmospheric Infusion actually changes the air pressure, so the soluble flavour elements and natural sugars are extracted more completely and with greater purity, he added.

In this technology, gases are released from the pores of the tea to create a void for the water to infuse.

The boiling temperature of the water is then reduced to accelerate agitation at a molecular level.

This process targets and extracts optimal elements of the tea at key phases of the brew cycle, producing a perfect blend, media reports said.

The machine could do for tea what coffee machines did for the coffee industry, experts said.