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Sparsha, darshan of Brahma will spell doom, says Odisha seer


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Puri, Jun 29:

Brahma sparsha (touching) and Brahma darshan (viewing) during the Brahma parivartan of Lord Jagannath would spell disaster for the world, Pandit Biswambar Dash, vice president of Mukti Mandap, the highest decision-making body of Sri Jagannath Temple in Odisha’s pilgrim town Puri, has said.

Pandit Biswambar Dash

“It is a sin to touch the Brahma and calls for atonement, if it is true. Thought it is too late now, it would be appropriate to seek Sankaracharya’s advice on propitiation,” he opined.

Pandit Biswambar Dash, who is considered an expert on rituals concerning consecration of Lords’ darus, said the controversy surrounding the Brahma sparsha and Brahma darshan is a matter of concern. The scriptures say it is a sin to touch the Brahma. If the servitors have touched or seen the Brahma during Ghata parivartan then it would spell disaster for the world.

“It is not apt for the Daitapatis to touch the Brahma; they are only the body protectors.  Patimohapatras or the Bidyapatis have been performing the Ghata parivartan rituals since ages. Touching the Brahma is wrong. Touching or seeing the Brahma is against the scriptures. As per the rituals, hands are covered and eyes are blindfolded while performing the Brahma parivartan rites,” Dash said.

“The Bidyapati servitors cover the Brahma with a cloth after performing puja. The Daitapatis should then see the idols after infusion of Brahma into the idols is complete. As per the tradition, the four Badagrahis are allowed to participate in the Brahma parivartan,” he added.

The alleged Brahma sparsha and Brahma darshan during the Brahma parivartan of Lord Jagannath during the secret rituals has caused a storm in the government and servitors’ circles.

While the state government directed the Law department to probe the source of ‘fake’ Brahma pictures circulated on social media platforms, the opposition parties have been letting no opportunity go to corner the government.

On the other hand, the alleged mismanagement in the Nabakalebra rituals has forced the Daitapati Nijog to beg apology from the Lords’ followers.