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Space crunch destroying Olive Ridley eggs at Gahirmatha in Odisha


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Rajnagar, Mar 21:  

While thousands of endangered Olive Ridley are making a beeline to for mass nesting in Odisha’s Gahirmatha marine sanctuary near Kendrapara, shortage of space in the beach is leading to destruction of their eggs.


More than 52 thousand endangered Olive Ridley turtles from March 16 have started their nesting process in Nasi –2 island of Gahirmatha marine sanctuary the world’s largest rookery of sea turtles, for ‘arribada’ (the Spanish term for mass nesting).

The phenomenon which started on March 16 with 10,000 eggs being laid,on March 17 the female turtles laid 8800, March 18  saw 4,500 eggs, while on the next day 28,535 eggs were laid by the Olive Ridley, according to sources.

A total of 51,835, eggs have been laid till now which is only 10 per cent of the nesting process .

When annual nesting of the Olive Ridley turtles, which had started in 1974 in Nasi-2 island  its coast line was spread over an area of 15 km 700 m, but due to various tidal change, global warming, tracking water system and rise in sea level in Bay of Bengal it has shrunk to 22 hectres.

The female turtles dig a sand pit of 40-45 centimetres and lays around 100-200 eggs each.

The females turtles are laying eggs over already dug nests which is destroying them.