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SP leader Farooqui to join AAP ?


Ghaziabad, Dec 29 :

Samajwadi Party leader Kamal Farooqui Sunday met Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and expressed a desire to join the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), party sources said.

Farooqui, a former Samajwadi Party national secretary, met Kejriwal at his residence here for an hour.

Kamal Farooqui
Kamal Farooqui

AAP sources quoted Kejriwal as telling Farooqui that he will discuss the matter with his party colleagues and take a decision.

Emerging from the meeting, Farooqui said: “There is a pro-AAP wave in the country. I had a long chat with Kejriwal but he is not well.”

Asked if he wanted to join the AAP, Farooqui replied: “The whole country wants to join the AAP. I am sure you also want to join the AAP.”

AAP leader Sanjay Singh told IANS that Kejriwal had told Farooqui that the party “will first make sure that Farooqui doesn’t have any criminal or corruption charges against him”.

Sanjay Singh, however, quickly added that Farooqui was a leader of high calibre and his presence in the AAP would definitely help the party.

“But it is very important to make sure that he does not have any criminal or corruption charges against him,” he said.