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Sonia has Rs.85,000 in cash, no car


Rae Bareli, April 2 :

Congress president Sonia Gandhi does not have a car of her own and has sworn that she has Rs.85,000 in cash.

This and more has been revealed in her affidavit filed before the returning officer of Rae Bareli where she filed her nomination papers Wednesday for the Lok Sabha election.Sonia Gandhi (Photo: IANS)

In a detailed break-up of her assets and wealth, the UPA chairperson has sworn that she has Rs.85,000 in cash.

She, however, has Rs.66 lakh in bank accounts and ancestral jewellery worth Rs.23 lakh.

Informed sources privy to the affidavit told IANS that the Congress chief has made investment worth Rs.12 lakh in mutual funds and holds some shares as well.

Sonia Gandhi has also declared ownership of 1.267 kg of gold in the form of ornaments and others plus 88 kg of silver, largely silverware.

During the last general election, her affidavit showed 2.518 kg of gold in her possession.

She owns 3.21 acres of land costing Rs.4.86 crore in village Dera Mandi and Sultanpur in Delhi.

Compared to her 2009 affidavit, Sonia Gandhi’s cash holdings have witnessed an increase of Rs.10,000 over five years. Her UCO bank account earlier showed Rs.28.61 lakh in her account.

Sonia Gandhi holds RBI bonds in her name and 10 shares of Maruti Technical Services Pvt Ltd.

In 2009, she owned 500 shares of Western India Tanneries Ltd.

Her affidavit shows she has no apartment or house in her name in India though there is an ancestral property in Italy, her birth place.