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Sonia has lost confidence in Rahul: BJP


New Delhi, April 15 :

A day after she came out with a televised message for voters, the BJP said Tuesday Congress president Sonia Gandhi has lost confidence in the election campaign of her son, party vice president Rahul Gandhi.

Gandhis : Mother and son
Gandhis : Mother and son

“Soniaji felt her son would manage but since he can’t, she came on TV,” Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi said at a rally in Bhagalpur Tuesday.

Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley said it was an “expression of lack of confidence in Rahul Gandhi”.

“The Congress president does not have to buy TV time in order to have her speech conveyed to the people. The idea was to change the principle communicator of the party from the son to the mother. This was an expression of lack of confidence in Rahul Gandhi, in as much as his speeches to the people were not working,” Jaitley said in a blog post titled “Main Nahi Mom”.

“As the Congress shrinks further, its campaign has resulted in a naught. The campaign is too abstract and confused,” he said.

The Congress president, in a televised message issued Monday, said India was at a “crossroads” in this election, and urged people to “chose the right path”.

She also said the BJP will ruin the essence of “Bharatiyata” and “Hindustaniyat”.