Sonia asks PM to ‘act swiftly’ on abducted Indians

New Delhi, June 19 :

Congress president Sonia Gandhi Thursday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to intensify diplomatic efforts to secure the early release of the 40 Indians abducted in strife-torn Iraq.

In her letter, Gandhi asked him to “act swiftly” to evacuate all Indians from the affected areas and ensure their safe return. “I urge you to intensify all diplomatic efforts required to ensure their safety and secure their release,” she wrote.

soniaShe gave her party’s backing for the diplomatic efforts to secure the freedom of the Indians.”It is imperative to act swiftly to evacuate all our nationals in the region and ensure their safe return.”

She termed the kidnapping as “despicable” and “cowardly” act that has caused deep distress to the affected families. “The Indian National Congress condemns this assault on innocent civilians.”

It “deserves our unreserved condemnation”, she said, adding, “I assure you that the Indian National Congress will be fully supportive of all diplomatic efforts to achieve this objective” of securing their release.

The Congress Thursday condemned the abduction of Indian workers in Iraq and appealed to international organisations and authorities concerned to ensure their safety.”The Congress strongly condemns the abductions of Indian workers which has caused deep distress to the affected families,” Congress spokesperson Anand Sharma told the media here.

“The party urges all international organisations active in the region and the concerned authorities to ensure the safety of abducted Indians,” he said.”The government of India must intensify its efforts for evacuation and return of all Indian citizens from Iraq,” he said.

Sharma appealed to the United Nations to make coordinated effort to normalise the situation in Iraq.”The escalation of conflict has severely undermined the peace and stability in Iraq and the region. The United Nations and the government of Iraq and the countries of the region must make a coordinated effort to restore order and stability in Iraq,” the Congress leader said.


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