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Snapdeal launches visual-algorithm based micro site


New Delhi, Aug 5:

Domestic e-commerce platform Snapdeal on Wednesday launched visual-algorithm based micro site findmystyle.in with the aim of enriching shopping experience online.


“The search methodology of findmystyle.in is very detailed and customised to a consumer’s preference to help them discover a product of choice with ease while saving time and effort,” the company said.

Developed at Snapdeal’s Multimedia Research Lab in Bengaluru, findmystyle.in will act as a feedback system for the original website and will help the company understand more about consumer behaviour before the new technology in findmystyle.in is integrated in the Snapdeal website.

Findmystyle.in is the brain-child of research scientists — Gaurav Aggarwal, senior principal scientist, Nikhil Rasiwasia, principal scientist and Deepthi Singh, senior director at Snapdeal, Multimedia Research Lab.

The lab was formed as a result of an acquisition of a technology start-up called Fashiate by Snapdeal in March 2015.

Commenting on the new feature, Anand Chandrasekaran, the chief product officer at Snapdeal, said: “We are a technology company with a focus on building cutting-edge services and products which make lives of our consumers simpler and convenient. findmystyle.in is powered by advanced computer vision and machine learning algorithms.”

“The feature will further enhance customer experience and make online shopping faster, better and more informative. With the introduction of findmystyle.in, we are looking to create an experimental playground and set the base for our image modelling, product search and discovery technology.

“We will continue to work on developing such innovative technology features and products that will further improve the experience for our customers as well as sellers in the future as well.”

The company also said that it has plans to spend about $100 million on the Multimedia Research Lab in Bengaluru, over the next three years.

Notably, Flipkart, another domestic e-commerce player, recently launched image search on its website to enable consumers to shop more easily and in less time. (IANS)