Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Cuttack, Nov 24:

Believe it or not! Authorities of a school in Tulasipur area in Odisha’s Cuttack district today claimed that a snake was found in the mid-day meal provided to the children.


According to reports, a teacher of Raghunath Jew School which houses both Upper Primary and High School found some foreign object in the mid-day meal which he claimed to be that of a snake.

The Headmistress of the school also echoed similar views.

However, Akshay Patra Foundation – the organization which supplies cooked food to schools – denied the claims saying that it was a yardlong bean, not a snake.

Around 150 students upto class VIII were served mid-day meal at around 12.30 pm. At around 1.40 pm, English teacher Murali Sahu was served food who first spotted the snake of around 6 inches long in the food.

The matter was reported to the Headmistress of the schools who intimated it to District Education Officer (DEO) and Block Education Officer (BEO) to draw their attention.

“I have directed an official to visit the school tomorrow to enquire into the matter,” DEO Niranjan Behera said.

“A dead snake was found in the cooked food supplied by Akshay Patra Foundation. We have reported this matter to DEO and BEO. We have asked them not to provide food tomorrow. When we took up the matter with the staff of the foundation, they claimed that it was a longyard beans, not a snake,” Raghunath Jew High School Headmistress Janata Mohapatra said.

“Earlier home lizard was found in the food and now snake. Who will be responsible for any unfortunate incident? Raghunath Jew UP School Headmistress Prabhamayee Nayak said.

No student has taken ill after consuming the food, reports added.

It may be recalled that this is not the first such allegation coming from this school. On September 21, it was alleged that dead home lizard was found in the cooked food meant for the children.