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Smart Grid for Odisha power consumers soon


Reported by Chinmaya Dehury

Bhubaneswar, Feb 16:

Like cell-phone users, people may soon be able to choose their own plan for electricity consumption in the state. That will happen as soon as the government  adopts the modernized electrical grid or Smart Grid in the state, which will help  curb the T&D losses, enhance supply quality and offer uninterrupted power supply to the consumers, sources in the Energy department said.

The government has constituted a 14 member steering committee for the preparation of a vision document and road map for the new concept of Smart Grid to take shape across all new 33/11 KV sub-stations as well as the upcoming projects.

(source: engineering.electrical-equipment.org)
(source: engineering.electrical-equipment.org)

The committee headed by Energy secretary PK Jena will study consumer behaviour of electricity usage and propose a tariff structure based on usage and load on the power utility.

“The government is contemplating to upgrade its energy infrastructure of the state at all layers and strata in a comprehensive manner. The introduction of Smart Grid as a toll of automation with a robust mechanism of IT system is an honest beginning, to reduce T&D loss and supply of quality and uninterrupted power to the people of the state,” said a letter of Energy department to the CMD, OPTCL asking the state agency to form a project management unit (PMU) to help materialize the ambitious project in the state.

“The most important thing in smart grid is that each point of injection and consumption of power at different layers can be captured in the IT and communication system which is controlled in dynamic form and helps in demand side management,” said the notification of the department.

On a trial basis, new meters embedded with SIM cards will be installed in some residential and industrial units in the state to monitor data every 15 minutes on how a particular consumer uses power.

The smart grid was first implemented in the US for efficient transmission of electricity. Like the internet, the smart grid consists of controls, computers, automation, and new technologies and equipment working in unison.

These technologies work with the grid to respond digitally to the consumer’s dynamic electricity demand.

“The smart grid will work on the ‘time of day’ concept, based on which tariffs will be set. For example if the demand is at peak during 7pm to 11pm, the tariffs will be higher for that period. Besides, it will help us to curb power theft substantially and reduce the transmission loss that the state facing since long,” said an official of Energy department.

The official also informed that Chhatrapur of Ganjam district will be the first ‘Smart Grid Town’ in Odisha with the implementation of the latest technology in power supply system which can withstand cyclones reaching  high wind-speed of around 350 kmph.