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Skin ailments in Odisha winter! Here’s how to keep them at bay

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Bhubaneswar: Winters in Odisha bring all sorts of ailments of which skin problems displease the most. This is the season when your skin demands a lot of attention. Odisha Sun Times spoke to city-based dermatologist, Dr Rabinarayan Nanda, about various skin ailments that pop up in winter and how to take care of them.

Atopic dermatitis – Usually due to a misguided immune system, atopic dermatitis is a type of eczema where the skin is strangely inflamed. People with symptoms of asthma are sure to come across this skin ailment. Winters aggravate the itchiness and so does woolen winter wear.

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Psoriasis – A common skin ailment that speeds up the life cycle of skin cells. The extra skin cells form scales on the skin which is generally itchy and painful. Keeping the skin moisturized can help.

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Lichen Planus – It is a common skin rash which usually happens during winter due to dryness. It is triggered by the immune system, too. Stress, allergens, and genetics are some reasons they occur. Keeping stress under control and avoiding contact with materials you are allergic to shall work.

Xerosis– It’s the medical name for dry skin. Lack of moisture in the skin, aging or underlying diabetes, are some of the reasons for xerosis. Stay hydrated and apply moisturizer thrice a day.

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Cheilitis – Dryness and acute sun exposure can lead to cheilitis which is inflammation of lips. The skin around the mouth gets itchy and dry. Avoid licking your lips, take food rich in iron and Vitamin B, and be careful with lip cosmetics.

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Seborrheic dermatitis – Looks quite similar to psoriasis or eczema, this skin ailment leads to a red itchy rash on your scalp, face, ears, or torso. Cold, dry weather and stress, are common causes. Biotin supplements might work but it is better to get it checked by a doctor.

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Photodermatitis – Eczematous skin usually is photosensitive, i.e., they are allergic to sunlight. UV rays cause skin inflammation and irritation if the skin is allergic and sensitive. It is advisable to put on sunscreen or cover the body part exposed to the sun. It is common during winters.

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“All these skin ailments can be avoided if the skin is moisturized from time to time. Besides, drinking a lot of water and taking bath daily is also important. Avoid oily food and any cloth material that aggravates the irritation or itchiness. If it gets worse, visit a doctor,” Dr Rabinarayan Nanda said.

This winter, pamper your skin and avoid the skin ailments you always overlooked.