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Significant change from dynastic rule in India: Bangladesh daily


Dhaka, May 17 :

The victory of the BJP in the 2014 Indian Lok Sabha elections, along with the crushing defeat of the Congress, has marked a historic change in the political scenario of India and its neighbouring countries, a leading Bangladeshi daily said Saturday.

“It is the first single-party majority government in India in thirty years. It is the first non-Congress government in three decades that has won with a resounding majority. Indeed, the BJP’s electoral victory also signifies a change from dynastic rule,” the Daily Star said in its editorial.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Friday congratulated Narendra Modi and BJP president Rajnath Singh on the party’s landslide victory in the elections.

In separate letters to Modi and Singh, she also invited them to visit Bangladesh at the earliest.

“The last five years of Manmohan’s government were marked by weak and indecisive governance. Red tape bogged down UPA government’s every step and economic growth plummeted to 5 percent from 10 percent the term before. Corruption scandals stalked the government and tarnished its image,” the editorial said.

“Narendra Modi projected himself capable of providing strong and effective governance. A turn-around in the economy with jobs for the burgeoning unemployed struck a chord with voters. He optimally utilised the social media to connect with the young voters. Modi’s projection of himself at the helm of the BJP was also welcomed by the business community. His coming to power exudes investors’ confidence.”

Regarding the India-Bangladesh relations, the newspaper said Modi was expected to work upon some unresolved matters, namely the Teesta water sharing and border enclave exchange issues.

“Bangladesh congratulates BJP and Modi on its landmark victory. The partly divisive image that came through during Modi’s campaign will be shunned now that he is prime minister of India,” the editorial said.