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Shocking: Mentally unstable uncle-nephew chained for last two decades


Odisha sun Times Bureau

Kendrapara, March 7:

In a shocking incident, two persons of Nuahata village in the Kendrapara district of Odisha have been chained for more than two decades by their family members,  who are unable to afford  the medical treatment.

chained men

26 years back, Sheikh  Jamalludin, a daily labourer of Nuahata village in Kendrapara  became mentally unstable for some unknown reason. He lives with his wife Johara, three children and an old mother. Due to the financial crisis the family could not afford his medical treatment even after selling the only patch of land that they possessed. As Sheikh tends to become very violent, his family members chain him up to avoid violence .His wife  Johra has resorted to begging for the sustenance of her family.

In a similar case, Sefjan, nephew and neighbour  of Jamalludin, who was working in a garage in Mumbai became mentally unstable 21 years back at a young age.

Although he had been medically treated it did not last long. Negligence in medical treatment and lack of funds made him mentally unstable again.

The sad part is that due to their mental condition the families are unable to take Jamalludin and Sefjan  to the government office to appeal for  a disability certificate . Due to this both are deprived of government benefits.

Their family members have appealed for help.