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Sheep killing: ‘Unknown animal’ trapped in Odisha’s Niali!


Niali: The mystery over the ‘unknown animal’ killing sheep in Odisha’s Niali area could be unravelled as an infant wolf has been caught by the villagers today.

As per villagers’ account, a pack of five wolves were sighted at Dihasithala village under Niali in Cuttack district this morning. While one of the wolves was caught by the villagers, four others managed to escape.

The Forest department officials were informed about the incident who are expected to visit the spot and identify the animal in captivity.

On the other hand, the unknown animal scare continued to reign supreme in the area as two more sheep were killed last night at Sudhanagar village, almost 25 km from Niali. Besides, it has injured a sheep and another was missing from the shed.