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Sex video involving minors goes viral in Odisha


Bhubaneswar: The spate of sex videos going viral on social media platforms is yet to witness a decline in Odisha.

The recent sex video of 1.32 minutes duration has been doing rounds on social media platform. Shockingly, the video involves at least three minors. While a minor boy and a girl in school uniform are involved in the act, a boy is holding the girl from behind and another is filming it with intermittent instructions.

In the video, it appeared the girl offered little resistance. The act has been shot in a forested area.

The cases of viral sex videos have become common in Odisha. Last month, at least three such incidents were reported. While a video featuring a minor girl from a college in Nayagarh district went viral leading to arrest of culprits, another video of a minor girl from Kendrapara too was circulated through mobile phone messaging platforms.

Two engineering students were arrested in this connection last month.

The cops are yet to crack the sensational case of Kuakhai sex video-murder case where a youth’s charred body was found from the banks of the river. It is suspected to be of one Unmay Padhi who has gone missing after his release from jail. He was arrested for circulating his intimated videos with a girl on social media platforms and even uploading on porn sites.