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Sex trade goes online in Odisha capital!


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Jul 24:

In the capital city of Odisha, high-end prostitution has gone digital. Now you can order a sex worker and get her delivered at your home just like you order pizza.

escort service goes online

There are quite a few agencies offering escort services and supplying girls through online free classified portals like locanto.com. Just select the city, run a search on keywords like ‘escort’ on the website, contact the agencies and sit back and relax while the brokers do the rest for you and deliver the call girl at a place of your choosing.

There are quite a few brokers and sex workers who operate through their own portals too. Smart phones and mobile apps have made things easier.

Customers are allowed the choose from various categories of call girls like housewives, college students, artists, actresses, air hostesses, foreigners etc. The prices are fixed based on the background and looks of the call girls.

The websites clearly display the prices per hour, per ‘shot’, for night stay and extra charges for home delivery and hotel stay etc. The prices vary from Rs 2000 to Rs 30,000. The phone numbers of the agents are also very clearly mentioned on the portals.

Usually customers are asked if they have WhatsApp installed on their phone and the pictures of call girls are shared with him via that app for him to choose from. In the absence of apps, email services are used to exchange pictures and carry out communication.

The prices and addresses for delivery are also communicated through these apps clearly avoiding the use of fixed places and too many middlemen to avoid the cops.

The use of technology has made the job of the cops very difficult as it is not easy to track the conversation between two complete strangers at faraway places in an unorganized manner. This clearly is evident from the continuous flourishing business of sex rackets in the city irrespective of the continuous raids by Commissionerate Police.