Sex in hotel room steamier, longer than home: Global survey

Toronto, Nov 27:

Did it ever occur to you that sex in a hotel room is much steamier, longer and fulfilling than at home? Well, do not hide the smile on your face as an interesting survey spanning 11 countries and 2,200 people has found that you are not alone.

Film sex tapesAccording to the results, most surveyed feel hotel sex lasts anywhere from 25 to 49 minutes longer.

And one in three think the quality of hotel sex is better.

Britons had sex on average 2.6 times more in hotel than home while Canadians made love 2.3 times more in hotels.

“More than half (53.5 percent) of Canadian participants say they feel more sexually adventurous in a hotel room,” revealed the global survey conducted by mobile booking service HotelTonight and reported by

Just under half (49 percent) of Canadians also said that they make love more frequently between hotel sheets than their own.

The participants from North American countries led the list globally when it came to feeling more sexually adventurous in a hotel room.

All participants except Italians, Australians and Russians believe their partner’s performance improves more than theirs when they make love in hotel rooms.

The quality of the bed also plays a crucial role in igniting the fire.

Some of the respondents even credited the bed for making them a better lover.

“Canadian men seem to prefer a bigger bed while Canadian women prefer a firmer mattress,” the findings showed. (IANS)

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