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Selection of VCs in Odisha has become a murky affair, allege academics


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, May 7:

The existing process of appointment of vice chancellors in Odisha has come under some serious questioning by several academics who say it has become a murky affair involving political, financial considerations at the cost of integrity, qualification, competence and morals.

While preferring anonymity for obvious reasons, they have pointed out that there have been instances where appointments to various posts including faculty positions in universities were made to facilitate the re-appointment of sitting Vice Chancellors for the second term.

Citing an example, they have alleged that the son of one of the members of the Search Committee constituted for the selection of the vice chancellor of F.M. University was appointed in January 2014 as Reader in Economics by the sitting vice chancellor who is himself an applicant for the vice chancellor’s position in the same University, for the second time.

It is interesting to note that the sitting VC of the FM University has been shortlisted recently by the  ‘Search Committee’ for the position of VC in the same university for a second consecutive term.

This, the academics say, raises serious doubts among the academic community about the transparency in the constitution of the Search Committee and the overall selection process of Vice Chancellors in the Universities in general and F.M. University in particular.

Aggrieved by such practices, several senior university teachers have demanded a probe into the matter as also a serious review of the entire process of selection of vice chancellors and formulation of a new policy which ensures selection in a transparent and impartial manner of persons of the highest level of competence,integrity along with credible academic research and accomplishments as well as administrative acumen for the post of vice chancellor.


  1. At last the media has come to place the concerns of some academics that the selection of vcs in odisha is not above suspicion.There have been unauthenticated comments in some quarters that big financial transactions are involved in the process.Some say that the search committee members are not always honest.Some of them are put in the panel keeping certain interests in mind.It is also said that the the academicians are overenthusiastic to hold the post only to be in job for three years and if possible to make some illegal money in the process.The vice-chancellor tenure of mr.Pandav nayak was terminated abruptly because of some financial irregularities,as reported in some quarters.Now the question arises whether the search committee did honest job to select him as the vice-chancellor of the oldest utkal university.It is ridiculous to know that large number of Professors apply for the post of vice-cancellor of odisha universities.Are all of them are competent or have enough money power to tilt the scale to favour them.In a corrupt country like ours the academic institutions are full of corrupt people minting money at the expense of students.
    Some say that the ph.d degrees are sold in market and there exists a racket to award ph.d. Degrees with some financial motives.Students in the universities roam and the get m.phil degrees at the end if a year by malpractice.The autonomous status of the Pg departments have helped the dishonest teachers not to teach any thing in the class ,but award marks to conceal their inefficiency.
    Most of the university degrees in Odisha are no better than garbages.Who is responsible for this?The government does not bother about imparting quality education in out universities.The taxpayers are only silent spectators.Let God save our Odisha universities.
    A k p c swain

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