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IT sector vulnerable to unseen threats in future, says Dell Survey


Reported by Sandeep Patnaik

Bhubaneswar, Mar 29: 

The Information Technology (IT) sector is set to confront many hidden threats in the form of losing critical business data in the coming days, thanks to the wide usage of modern technological innovations by the next gen professionals, according to a Dell Software survey.

Widespread uses of latest technologies like BYOD, Mobility, Cloud Computing introduce organizations to a multitude of new risks and plague IT security globally.

Over six out of the ten Indian IT companies surveyed by DELL Software claim that, security will be their top priority in the next twelve months. Around 32% of organizations said that over the last 12 months, the security breaches have cost their organization approximately 10,000– 100,000 US$.

Dell’s survey covers around 200 IT companies from private/public sector organizations with 500 or more employees. 64% of Indian organizations are of the view that losing critical business data was the greatest concern for them. Over 80% of them believe their systems can detect a security breach immediately.

The findings of the survey discovers around 64 percent of respondents agree that organizations will need to restructure/reorganize their IT processes to stay ahead of the next security threat and they believe government should be involved in determining organizations’ cyber defense strategies.

However, according to a Dell global security survey, a majority of IT leaders are of the opinion that they don’t view these threats as top security concerns and are not prioritizing how to find and address them across the many points of origin. In fact, only 37 percent of respondents consider unknown threats as a top security concern in the next five years.

“Traditional security solutions can defend against malware and known vulnerabilities, but are generally ineffective in this new era of stealthy, unknown threats from both outside and inside the organization. There is still a disturbing lack of understanding and awareness of the type of impact and detriment caused by the unknown threats that can come from both sides of an organization’s data flow,” Matt Medeiros, vice president and general manager, Dell Security Products,Dell Software Group said.

“There is an urgent need to adopt new security approach so that organizations have a chance at keeping one step ahead of these epidemic threats that can significantly damage their network,” Mr. Matt added.