By Mohit Dubey*

The flavours of Lakhnavi cuisine will tingle the taste buds at cricketer Suresh Raina’s New Delhi wedding where rich and succulent Tundey kebabs wrapped in thick crusty parathas will be offered with onion rings and spicy dhaniya chutney.

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Suresh Raina will marry Priyanka Chowdhary at a five star hotel in Delhi late on Friday (April 3).

Lucknow’s Tundey kebab owner Mohd Usman said that “he was not doing this only for commercial purposes” but also as a “fulfilment of a long due commitment to Raina”.

He added that whenever Raina is in town, he is a regular at his outlet in Aminabad.

Usman said he had promised the ace cricketer that he would cook at his wedding whenever it takes place.

A team of four ‘khansama’s’ (cooks) has been dispatched to New Delhi where they would cook shami kebabs, galawat kebabs, mutton korma and mutton biryani for the guests.

The high point would be the kebabs wrapped in crusty paratha’s (Indian flatbread), served with onion rings and spicy dhaniya chutney, a member of Tundey’s team told IANS.

While the owner of the eatery himself is not going to the wedding as he is not well, the team led by chef Mohammed Azhar is already in Delhi and will shop for spices and other condiments for the kebabs.

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan often invites Tundey’s team to cook for parties and events at his home “Mannat” in Mumbai and many others like Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi are known to be fans of the kebabs.

Prepared through a ‘secret recipe’ passed down many generations which includes soft marinated mutton mixed with raw papaya, Tundey galawati kebabs are mouth watering.

Many people from Uttar Pradesh including Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, sports journalists, bureaucrats and politicians have been invited for the wedding.

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