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Savita Bhatti floats ‘Nota Party’ after quitting AAP


Chandigarh, April 8 :

Having withdrawn from the contest for the Chandigarh Lok Sabha seat as the AAP candidate, actress Savita Bhatti Tuesday floated the Nota Party with a wad of currency notes being its election symbol.

Bhatti, the widow of comedian Jaspal Bhatti, said that the party has been inspired from the “none of the above” (NOTA) option given to voters by the Election Commission this time in case they did not want to cast their vote for any party or candidate.

Savita Bhatti
Savita Bhatti

The Nota Party, floated by Nonsense Club, which was set up by Jaspal Bhatti, was announced during a street satire enacted at the popular Sector 17 Plaza here.

“With every party claiming to target corruption, we are wondering where the corrupt will go? So we have decided that our party will offer a platform to only the corrupt. They are highly skilled and people with great networking. So their strengths need to be utilized,” Savita announced at the launch.

“Only those candidates with a minimum of 200 crore scam under their belt can apply to be a member. All other people with a minimum of at least 20 criminal charges against them would also be welcome.

“Unlike other parties we are not fighting elections on the basis of religion, caste or glamour. Our divide is corrupt vs the honest. Since the honest are in a ridiculous minority, the corrupt would be united on a single platform,” she said.

Justifying the election symbol (wad of currency notes), Savita said: “Elections are all about money power. All parties hide their funding. With tainted and corrupt leaders, money will not be a problem for us. Humari to chaandi hi chaandi hai.”

Taking a jibe at recent incidents with Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal, Savita said: “With shoes being thrown, leaders being slapped, ink being thrown, these elections are becoming violent. So we will have special training camps by wrestlers for our candidates. We are also in touch with the WWE wrestlers for providing training in the latest kicks and jumps.”