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Sarathi Baba invested in Odisha entertainment industry too!


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Aug 7:

Apart from investing in real estate in the Odisha capital, Srimad Sarathi alias Sarathi Baba alias Santosh Roula also had a finger in the entertainment industry pie, fresh revelations about the Baba suggest.


As per information with us, the self-proclaimed godman invested lakhs in Ollywood movies to draw more followers. He also had plans to set up his own TV channel.

The shrewd Baba, however, cleverly channelized the money into the entertianment industry through various producers rather than invest directly. In turn, the producers inserted dialogues that eulogised him. It went to such an extent that Odia movies showcased love-lorn lead characters taking refuge in the Baba to win over their love.

Two such movies were ‘Bachelor’ and ‘Premika’ where the Baba’s ashram, photograph and the Baba himself were shown in highlight. According to some technicians who worked in these movies, the Baba used to visit the shooting sets of these movies in a car with tinted glass.

Another source, however, claimed that the producers inserted such scenes and dialogues on their own as they are devotees of the Baba.

Apart from investing in movies, the Baba was regularly seen with leading movie actors such as Anubhav Mohanty, Mihir das, Ashru Mochan, Rai Mohan and many others. Many of these men and women were regulars at his ashram.

Baba, who himself was a singer, used to frequent studios in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack where he allegedly got in touch with many of these players of Odia entertainment industry. Some of the leading actors were seen acting in his video albums. He also gave a break to many of his close devotees in his music video albums.

While the godman shot to fame with his famous spiritual speeches on a private TV channel, he was planning to set up his own channel too. A renowned music director and his wife, who are devotees of the Baba, had reportedly been tasked with setting it up.

Lakhs of rupees were transferred to the bank accounts of this music director as per sources. The couple had been hunting for a suitable place to start the operations in Chandrasekharpur area of Bhubaneswar and had even paid Rs 5 Lakh to a builder as advance, as per information provided by the builder.