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Sarah has ‘piggy bank’ of inspirations for music


Mumbai, Feb 24:

From being a former Miss World contestant, Sarah Jane Dias tiptoed into Bollywood with “Game” and she has now launched her debut music track. She equates music to a “piggy bank”, where she kept adding “pennies” in the form of inspirations year after year.

Pic Courtesy: www.onesecrethunt.com
Pic Courtesy: www.onesecrethunt.com

“Music has been my inspiration for a very long time. It’s kind of like a growing inspiration through my whole life. My friends have been my inspiration, my family has been my inspiration, my work and my experiences (have inspired my music).

“It’s like a piggy bank, you keep putting pennies into it year after year, that’s what my music is like,” the 32-year-old actress told IANS in an interview.

Her single “Forget to be me”, was launched Feb 13. Its video features Arunadoy Singh, VJ Bani and Sapna Bhavnani in the video, who are also among Sarah’s close friends. The song was co-written by Sarah and is about heartbreak.

Sarah admits she was “quite shy” about singing initially, but training hard and joining a music school gave her the “final push”.

“I felt like I needed to train a lot more which I now have and I went to music school as well for three months. Now I feel more confident. I was shy because it’s such a personal experience. You need that extra push and that confidence which I think now, after working in the industry for so many years, I’ve gained. But initially, I was quite shy about it,” she said.

Although she is looking forward to two of her films that are releasing this year — “Zubaan” and “Angry Indian Goddesses” — Sarah also plans to release more of her music soon.

Apart from her singing, Sarah also has a ‘never say no’ attitude in life, which has helped her in keeping busy and exploring new things — like being a yoga instructor.

“I generally make my decision based upon where I am at that point of my life, so I never really say ‘no’ to anything,” she said.

Giving a hint about her upcoming musical work, she added: “I have more songs to work on, more videos to work on and another film to start. I can’t complain, I’m going to do a teacher’s training course in yoga soon.” IANS