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Samuthirakani’s ‘Kitna’ to have two versions for different audiences


Chennai, Oct 27 :

Actor-filmmaker Samuthirakani, who recently revealed that he will be releasing two different versions of his upcoming Tamil directorial “Kitna”, says the move is to cater to different sections of the audience.

While one version of the film will be two hours and 15 minutes long, the second one will stretch for three hours.

“The length of a film has become an important factor for the theatrical release of a film. As a creator, I don’t like to restrict my creativity for time. Therefore, I’ve decided to release two versions of my film in cinemas,” Samuthirakani told IANS.

“The shorter version of my film will be for the masses, while the longer one will be for true-blue cinema lovers who appreciate art. I also plan to send the longer version of ‘Kitna’ to the Cannes International Film Festival next year,” he said.

Both the versions of the film will be simultaneously released in theatres in 2015.

Samuthirakani plans to make the film in all four southern languages – Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.

He will also be playing the film’s lead in Tamil and Malayalam versions, while actor Kishore will replace him in the Kannada version. A hero for the Telugu version is yet to be finalised.

Actress Dhansikaa will play the heroine in all versions of the film.