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Saddened by Memon’s execution: Tharoor


New Delhi, July 30:

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor said he was “saddened” by 1993 Mumbai serial blasts convict Yakub Memon’s execution on Thursday.

pic: bluegape.com
pic: bluegape.com

“Saddened by news that our government has hanged a human being. State-sponsored killing diminishes us all by reducing us to murderers too,” Tharoor tweeted.

“There is no evidence that death penalty serves as a deterrent, to the contrary in fact. All it does is exact retribution, unworthy of a Government,” the Thiruvananthapuram MP added.

He said: “… cold-blooded execution has never prevented a terror attack anywhere.”

Yakub Memon was hanged to death in Nagpur prison early Thursday. (IANS)