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Rs 6.5 crore unaccounted cash seized in Ghaziabad


Ghaziabad, March 19:

Almost Rs.6.5 crore of unaccounted money, suspected to be meant for use during the upcoming parliamentary polls, was seized from four different locations here Wednesday, police said.

Superintendent of Police Shivhari Meena said the cash was seized during a drive to keep tabs on unaccounted cash flow. It was earlier estimated that Rs.4 crore was confiscated but it was later found that Rs.6.5 crore had been seized.

The official said Rs.2 crore was found in the back of a van. When the driver could not provide details about the cash, income-tax officials were called and the money was handed over to them.

Police also seized Rs.26 lakh and Rs.6 lakh from different vehicles. Another Rs.4.12 crore was seized from a car on National Highway 24.

“In view of the parliamentary elections, we launched a drive to unearth unaccounted money. As per rules, one cannot carry more than Rs.50,000 in cash,” Meena said.

“If somebody is found possessing more than the stipulated amount, he has to justify it through documents… So the drive proved successful when our team seized Rs.6.5 crore in one go,” he added.