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Richer by Giving, Believes Swapna Pati


There is nothing better than giving back to society and making a difference in the life of the under privileged, says Swapna Pati-actor, model and social activist. This Odia beauty has a weakness for fashion and glamour, loves vegetarian street food and goes mushy over romantic novels.



Whenever she is not shooting or modeling, she spends quality time with the inmates  of  Ashraya, an orphanage at Dumduma, for residents at a Patia Kanyashram and for the senior citizens at Naharkanta Vridhashram, all situated in and around Bhubaneswar.

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As a bio- medical student, she came across Ashraya and began spending time with the orphans. Donations were collected from family, friends and relatives to get over difficult situations. The financial difficulties made her decide to go into modeling so that funds could be generated. Buying utilities for the children and making their life comfortable was a great motivator. An avid supporter of the environment, she started Herbal Holi for the first time in Bhubaneswar. Herbal Holi uses colours extracted from fruits and vegetables and has zero chemicals in them.herbal

Modeling, acting and social service keeps her busy 24 x 7. Her film career looks bright with a few Telegu, Gujrati and Bengali films in the bag. Currently, she is in the middle of shooting for a 35- minute short film The Desire based on the romance between an extremely disabled person and a beautiful woman.



Swapna believes-little drops of water make a mighty ocean. According to her, the small contributions made in the society make it a better place to live in.


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