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Revoke ban on devotees touching deities during Deba Snana Purnima, demand Daitapatis


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Puri, May 19:

The Chhatisha Nijog of the Daitapati servitors today urged the Shri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) to reconsider its decision not to allow devotees to touch the idols of the Trinity at the Snana Mandap (bathing altar) during the Deba Snana Purnima in Odisha’s Puri scheduled on June 2 taken at a meeting held yesterday.

The meeting of the SJTA where the rituals of Deba Snana Purnima were finalised yesterday
The meeting of the SJTA where the rituals of Deba Snana Purnima were finalised yesterday

“We have urged the temple administration to reconsider its decision with immediate effect. If the administration does not heed our request, it will be responsible for the consequences during Nabakelabara festival,” warned assistant secretary of Daitapati Nijog Binayak Dasmohpatra while terming the decision as ‘grossly unfortunate’.

He alleged that the temple administration, instead of seeking the opinion of the Nijog, has taken a suo motu decision in this regard.

The chief administrator of Shri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) Suresh Mohapatra, during his meeting with the Chhatisha Nijog on Monday, had said the devotees will not be allowed into the Snana Mandap during Deba Snana Purnima.

He, however, said the devotees would be given more time for the darshan of the Lords this year in view of the ensuing Nabakelabara.

“The devotees will have the last darshan of the Lords on June 2 as the their idols would be buried inside Koili Baikuntha after the change of Brahma to the new daru,” Mohapatra had told reporters after the meeting.

He said the meeting approved the darshan of the Lords by the Shankaracharya of Gobardhan Peeth Swami Nischalananda Saraswati at the Snana Mandap.

Raising issues relating to the poor implementation of the restrictions imposed by the SJTA during the Banajaga Yatra, the daitapatis of the Chhatisha Nijog present at the meeting asked the temple administration how it would be able to prevent the rush of devotees eager to touch the deities during the Snana Purnima.

“SJTA will have a separate meeting with each Nijog on this issue,” Mohapatra said.

The meeting also discussed other major rituals like the Rajendrabhisek, Rukmini Harana Ekadasi, Champak Dwadashi and Daitapati Pravesh (entry into the temple).

Prior to Deba Snana Purnima, the Rajendrabhisek ritual would be held on May 28, followed by Rukmini Harana Ekadasi on May 29, Champak Dwadashi on May 30 and  Daitapati Pravesh on May 31.

As per the timetable for rituals to be performed on the Deba Snana Purnima, the temple servitors would perform Mangalarpana at 3.30 AM after which there will be the preparation for pahandi (procession) of the Lords to the Snana Mandap for which the servitors would perform Dora Lagi and Puspanjali between 4 AM and 6 AM.

This will be followed by the Mangala Alati ritual at 6.30 AM, Mailam and Tadap Lagi at 6.40 AM, Adhara Pochha at 7.30 PM and Abakasha Niti at 8 AM. Thereafter, the servitors would perform the Vesha Lagi of the Lords which will be completed at 8.30 AM.

In the next one hour, there would be rituals for Rosha Homa, Surya Puja and Dwarapala Puja.

From 9.30 AM to 11.30 AM, the servitors would perform the Jalabhisek Puja. After the bath of the the Lords, there will be Mailam and Mekap Lagi.

The Chhera Panhara of the Lords will begin at 12.15 PM while the Hati Vesha (elephant attire) of the Lords will be done between 12.30 PM to 3 PM.

The Lords will be offered with Sakala Dhupa (morning breakfast) before 5 PM after which the Sahana Mela darshan of the Lords will be made after 6 PM.