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Reviewed mid-term Foreign Trade Policy to be released in Sep


New Delhi: The government will release the reviewed mid-term Foreign Trade Policy by next month, a senior official said on Friday.

The official said the government would stick to its earlier announcement of releasing the revised Foreign Trade Policy in September.

In June, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry had said that it will release the mid-term Foreign Trade Policy review in September, 2017

At that time, the ministry had said that the policy (April 1, 2015-March 31, 2020) encapsulated a provision to be reviewed mid-term with the objective of making a mid-course assessment and modification where ever required.

“During one of the stakeholder consultations, it was announced that an effort will be made to release the mid-term review before 01st July, 2017 to align this with the roll out of GST,” the ministry had said in a statement on June 29.

“Number of representations have been received from the exporters regarding GST. Accordingly, it has been decided to release the reviewed Foreign Trade Policy in September 2017. This will allow the government to factor in the exporters’ feedback on relevant issues post GST.” (IANS)