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Revealed: Who is having more sex in Britain


London, Feb 5:

People living in the northeast of England are enjoying more action between the sheet – five times a month at least – than anywhere in Britain, says a new survey.


On the other hand, an average British citizen has sex less than three times a month and almost a third said they do not get any action at all, revealed the survey conducted by market research firm OnePoll for “This Morning” British day-time TV programme broadcast on ITV.

It found that a third of Welsh people do not have any sex at all, www.walesonline.co.uk reported

The average Welsh person has sex 2.1 times per month, lagging behind the British average of sex less than three times a month.

The findings showed that 35.4 percent Welsh people said they had used sex toys and more than a quarter said they watched porn to spruce up their sex lives.

Among those who are having sex, some of the problems people admitted to were faking orgasms, tiredness and family responsibilities.

Despite the sad results, nearly two-thirds said they were happy with their sex lives – 70 percent women revealed they were happy compared to 58 percent men. (IANS)