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Reckless driver held for causing eight accidents in Odisha capital


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Oct 17:

A reckless driver today literally made a mockery of the traffic and security system in the Odisha capital after causing eight accidents in a span of less than an hour here and gatecrashing into the state secretariat. However, he the city police managed to get hold of him before he could inflict further damage to life and property.

hyundai accident

The culprit behind the wheels of a hatchback (Regd Number- OD02G0477) hit a man near Master Canteen square in the heart of the city and took a turn towards Janpath and sped towards Vani Vihar. Moments later, it again dashed with an auto-rickshaw near Vani Vihar square and again took a U turn towards Master Canteen square.

If that was not enough, the man driving the Hyundai EON car took a right turn towards PMG square and gatecrashed into one of the high security zone of the state, the Secretariat, and drove out through its rear exit without a hitch.

During his rampaging best, the man caused at least eight accidents in less than an hour while he roamed through some of the most protected areas of the city with a bunch of men tailing him, without much success.

“The Hyundai Eon car hit a cyclist and drove on towards Vani Vihar with the bicycle still clung to it. It kept dragging it for quite some distance and hit many others on its way. It hit me near Congress Bhawan and continued to drive towards Secretariat while I was lying at some distance due to the impact of the accident,” said one of the accident victims.

“I tried my best to get up and chase the car on my bike. Many others were also following him. The driver drove into the state Secretariat and the security staffs there were unable to stop him. Later, we got to know that he drove out through the rear exit. I was not able to note down the number of the vehicle, but I have seen its side mirror broken,” he added.

After the car got into the secretariat, the victims of the hit and run staged a road blockade in front of the government office disrupting the vehicular traffic for quite some time. Tension ran high as the security personnel denied entry to the aggrieved persons who were insistent to get into the premises to get hold of the errant driver.

The city cops, however, later managed to locate the car and arrest the driver identified as Dolagobinda Rout. He is being interrogated at the Capital Police Station.