Really want to do romantic film with Akshay: Esha Gupta

Mumbai, Oct 17:

Actress Esha Gupta wants to do a romantic film with actor Akshay Kumar. She says once she gets to do that with her “Rustom” co-star, she would be satisfied with her career in the film industry.


“I really want to do a romantic film with Akshay Kumar wherein I am wearing a saree, Akshay singing romantic song for me and we are dancing around the trees. My life will be successful and I would be satisfied with my Bollywood career the day this happens to me,” Esha said on Zoom Channel’s show “Diwali Beats”.

The “Raaz 3” actress shared that she has been an ardent fan of Akshay, even before she joined Bollywood.

“Be it his action or romance. He has an aura and that ‘Punjabiness’,” she added.

Talking about starring with him in “Rustom”, Esha said: “The day I got to know I am going to be co-starring with Akshay Kumar, I got so excited, but on knowing that I won’t be his love interest, I won’t deny, I was really disappointed”.

The 30-year-old says she is looking forward to romancing with the “Khiladi” star.

“I take it as an honour. I really want to see Akshay singing, laughing and crying for me,” she added. (IANS)

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