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Rasulgarh turns commuters’ nightmare ahead of Odisha Nabakalebara


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Jul 17:

After subjecting commuters to a harrowing experience for over a month on the promise of opening the overbridge at the busy Rasulgarh Square in the Odisha capital to traffic at least on one side, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has failed misreably to make good its promise.

rasulgarh flyover

“The over-bridge work is in final stages. We are attempting to open the roads before Nabakalebara. The three-lane road from Cuttack onto the flyover would be made functional to divert the traffic commuting between Bhubaneswar and Cuttack on this road. We would close the diversion and keep another lane on each side of the over bridge ready for commuter convenience,” NHAI had said at the time.

However, with the Nabakalebara than 24 hours away, all the big talk  has fallen flat on its face. The result: lakhs of commuters would bear the brunt tomorrow as a single lane road of a major and busy national highway is going to lead to traffic chaos.

While the over-bridge is not at all functional, the single lane roads by the side of the over bridge are the only alternative left.  The hundreds of thousand vehicles expected to be on the road tomorrow are certain to be a nightmare for the commuters.

As of now, the traffic chaos at the place is unbearable as commuting the 3-4 kilometres from Vani Vihar till Palasuni during peak hours can take more than an hour. Also, because of the diversion at Rasulgarh, a small distance from Rasulgarh till Palasuni becomes more than a four-kilometre long crawl.

The Railway Authorities, in conrast, have been able to do a good job preparing for the Nabakalebara. The extra two platforms planned for the festival have been made functional. While construction of platform no-5 had been completed on time, the platform-6 is half-complete. The railway authorities, however, have managed to make it functional before the mega event tomorrow.