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Ram Jethmalani again kisses – this time Leena Chandavarkar


Mumbai, Feb 19:

He made the headlines last year by kissing veteran actor Dharmendra and he’s done it again. Senior lawyer Ram Jethmalani was sported smooching yesteryear actress Leena Chandavarkar at an event here.

Pic Courtesy: www.india.com
Pic Courtesy: www.india.com

The two met during Humlog Awards 2015 at Radio Club Monday but more than their greetings, it was the kiss exchanged between Jethmalani and late Kishore Kumar’s wife that grabbed eyeballs.

The act not only made headlines but also went viral on the internet, with many comparing the senior lawyer with Emran Hashmi, known for his kissing scenes in Bollywood films.

Here’s what some of the tweets said:

Ashwin S Kumar: Kiss Of Love activists can ask Ram Jethmalani to join their campaign, no?

BadGirl Ray: Bad girls kiss like Ram Jethmalani.

Ishkaran S. Bhandari: Ram Jethmalani takes mike & says let me speak before @Swamy39 as I may be older, but he is the real economic expert.

Bhaskar Deb: #RamJethmalani, probably next to Emraan Hashmi and a step ahead of him too. IANS