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Railways suspend Station Master for signaling goof-up in Odisha

  1. Bhubaneswar: East Coast Railways (ECoR) today suspended a Station Master in connection with Bhubaneswar-Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Super Fast Express hitting the wrong route for a while yesterday due to signaling goof-up.

ECoR authorities today suspended Station Master of Machapur railway station Chandrabhanu Samal for the incident.

An inquiry into the incident has also been ordered by the Railways authorities.

From Cuttack, Lokmanya Tilak Express was supposed to travel to Machapur and from there to Mumbai via Raj Athagarh.

But due to wrong signaling by Machapur Station Master the train instead of going to Raj Athagarh travelled to Radhakishorepur.

After the matter came to notice, the driver of the train after informing the control room stopped it at Radhakishorepur and later returned to Raj Athagarh to make its onward journey to Mumbai.

Even though luckily the train didn’t meet with any accident, it got late by about two hours causing inconvenience to the passengers.

‘We have taken the matter very seriously. Though nothing has come to notice with regard to passenger safety and security in this incident why such incident has occurred due to managerial lapse. While the Station Master on duty has been suspended, it has been ordered to complete the inquiry by tonight,” informed J P Mishra CPRO, ECoR speaking to reporters here.