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Raas defines Fashion Finesse


Haute Couture is the creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing that is constructed by hand from start to finish and made from high quality, expensive, often unusual fabric which is sewn with extreme attention to detail and finish.  The Courtyard trunk show, a novel venture by Raas fashion house to introduce quality hand-woven and handcrafted textiles of Odisha, was successfully showcased under the effective guidance and expertise of internationally acclaimed Haute Couturier Pritam Panda in the city recently.



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The soft winter afternoon  transformed into a romantic mood complementing the verdant sprawling lawns, with long- legged beautiful models sashaying in the traditional and contemporary apparels. The rustling mulberry silks, soft fall linens & organza with heart stopping handcrafted ensembles, created a delightful view for the fashion lovers who had gathered to witness the show.



It showcased the best of silhouettes for 2016 like co-ords, jump- suits; crinoline skirts all portraying hand-woven Ikkat or Odisha traditional Baandhakala. Ikkat & hand weaving has a long tradition dating back to the 12th century. History claims that the weavers migrated from Patan area bringing the basic techniques, which were developed into unique style of flowing designs. With time the weaving patterns enormously metamorphosed, but the core technique of tying & dyeing the warp or weft or both & placing them ultimately on the handlooms to create designs on finished fabrics remained intact.




Apart from other high quality hand weaves of ghichaa, errie, tussar, organzas, linens & cotton, which are being researched and developed by fashion designer  Rashmi Mohapatra , founder of Raas, to create a distinctive position for Odisha hand weaves in the global souk , texture durries with ghichaa adaptations with extensive hand weaves are being created for upholstery . Raas has also made its existence felt at fashion souks in United States, Bali, UK, Bangalore, Dehli, and Chennai & Kolkata.