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Put this washing machine into dirty clothes !


London, May 14 :

What if you do not need to put dirty clothes into a washing machine but place the washing machine between the dirty clothes?

Luna washing ballPuzzled? A Colombian student has an answer for you – in a ‘washing ball’.

Luna is an electrostatic spherical washing machine with a small amount of water in it.
It can be placed directly into a laundry basket and clean clothes without removing them, media reports said.

It creates a cloud of fine particles of steam electrostatically charged which comes out through pores of the metal surface.

“It then rotates and moves between clothes through vibrations and pulses designed to scrub and shake tissues, loosening dirt,” explained its developer Juan Camilo Restrepo Villamizar from Colombia Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana.

Finally, Luna dries with hot air the residual damp in the tissues, reports added.

According to Villamizar, Luna reduces the consumption of water and energy and keeps fabric in good shape.