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Puri triple ‘murder’ case: Police groping in the dark


OST Bureau
Puri, Dec 17 :

The death of a woman and her two children inside a seaside hotel room here on Saturday, is still shrouded in mystery as police on Monday handed over the three bodies to family members who performed their last rites at Swarg Dwar.

It is still not clear whether it was an act of suicide or a well-planned murder.

Amit Agarwal
Amit Agrawal : Prime Accused

The Puri police are in a state of confusion after the seizure of  a suicide note apparently written by the deceased woman Ankita Bansal (30), wife of Amit Agrawal, the prime accused in the case, because the handwriting matches with the handwriting of a suicide note written earlier by Amit  which was found in his Mathura home after he left with wife Ankita, daughter Bani (7) and son Divyanshu (4)  for some unknown destination on June 18 this year.

The fact that Amit is untraceable after the incident has complicated matters. Police are not sure whether Amit has gone into hiding or has committed suicide elsewhere.

While Ankita’s brother Abhisek has urged the police to locate and arrest Amit claiming that the latter had orchestrated the murder of his sister, niece Bani and nephew Divyanshu, Amit’s family members, on the other hand, have told the police that he could not have committed the crime because he was a calm person and extremely fond of his wife and children.

“This is nothing but a case of suicide”, Amit’s family members claimed.

The question that is bothering the police is, why Amit has gone missing if it was indeed a case of suicide.

It has come to the knowledge of the police that Amit, owner of a jewellery shop,  had lost crores of rupees in gambling and fallen into a state of depression, something that had affected his wife Ankita as well.

Later, the Mathura-based businessman left with his wife and two children on August 18 this year leaving a suicide note addressed to his family members.

The Mathura police had failed to trace Amit and his family since then.

Even the family members of Amit and Ankita had no knowledge about their whereabouts as neither of them remained in touch with them, police said.