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Protesters demand arrest of Sarathi Baba in Odisha capital


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Aug 5:

Several organisations in the Odisha capital today demanded stern action against Sarathi Baba after his stay with a woman was telecast by a local TV channel yesterday.

BABA SARATHI PUTALA DHAHA AT FOREST PARK (1)Activists of the Akhila Bharatiya Gana Nagarika Samiti took out a rally at the Lower PMG Square this morning demanding immediate arrest of the Baba.

“The modus operandi of Baba Sarathi has deeply hurt the religious sentiments of the people of Odisha. Police should immediately arrest him and begin a thorough investigation against him,” said Samiti leader Tapasi Praharaj.

The Students’ Congress also took out a protest rally from the Master Canteen Square demanding arrest of the Baba.

“We demand a CBI probe into the whole incident and bring the fake Baba to book. It could be that the girl, with whom the Baba has illicit relationship, is afraid of giving the details fearing threat to her life. The fake God man may have relationship with other girls”, said vice president of Students’ Congress, Mitali Puspalak.

Activists of Sriram Sena burnt the effigy of the Sarathi Baba and demanded his immediate arrest during a demonstration in the Forest Park area.


  1. What he did for his popularity was all nonsense . By using KALA JADU Sarathi baba was hypnotizing the people and so innocent people were addressing him as Bhagawan but reality was something else . He was a purely a lady lover like Asharam Bapu who is now in Jail . Send this Sarathi to jail for life time which will be an example to others so that next Sarathi will never come to cheat the public .. Ranjan kumar Dash , Aragal , Aul , Kendrapara .

  2. actually fault is ours, our public. we public are not mature. so we easily trust to anyone. so its time to educate all the people.

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