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Protest in Delhi against GM crops


New Delhi, May 24 :

Protests were held in the national capital and the adjoining town of Gurgaon Saturday for a ban on genetically modified (GM) crops in India.

The activists also demanded action against Monsanto company whom they accused of selling unsafe products.

“We will appeal that agro-ecological farming approaches focusing on sustainability, safety and diversity of food are the solution to our food sovereignty, farmer distress and the rapidly deteriorating health condition of the population,” Rachna Arora, an activist, said.

The protestors also submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister-designate Narendra Modi.

“Modi’s new government should re-look at Indian farming with this perspective. We will also urge him to ensure that there are no public private partnerships entered into with Monsanto and other such corporations as they are the only ones benefiting,” she added.