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Promises of a Firefly: A book of love, life and lessons!

Pic courtesy: www.nhmu.utah.edu

Bhubaneswar: Promises of a firefly is a collection of 11 heart-touching stories and Anupam Patra’s first book where he writes about love, life, relationships, and family. It is a book which will strike a chord deep within you and keep you spell-bound for a long time.

The cover of this book is absolutely simple but the way Anupam has woven the thread of words is mesmerizing. It is a sheer reflection of the complexities of our emotions in our day-to-day lives. The characters are well-framed and detailed and their emotions so clearly demonstrated that it wouldn’t take you too long to connect to them.

Every story speaks about a very common social and humanitarian issue all of us either witness or suffer from. However, nothing is absolutely perfect and thus, the book too. Sentence structure and grammar need a check but the story line is quite impressive because seldom you read stories that create motion pictures inside your mind and endless ripples of romantic waves.

When asked what inspired him to write this book, Anupam said, “The things I experience, watching the lives of others around me, the voices within me- they all push me to write stories. The same goes for this book”.

He says he’s too scared to keep track of responses because the thought of how his book would be received, terrifies him. “But I can tell you that mostly it has been encouraging”, he further added and it’s pretty evident on websites like Amazon and Goodreads.Every writer has one story, one part of a specific story which is very close to their heart. Likewise, the title story- Promises of a firefly is Anupam’s favorite story out of this collection. He said, “I guess it is more my kind of story telling. Something I had to put the least efforts to write. It came seamlessly to me. Maybe because it is built on actual events. It is also the longest story of the book”.

It took him eighteen long, lonely and almost neurotic months to write this book and there aren’t any more words to really describe what brilliant piece he has created!

Pic courtesy: www.nhmu.utah.edu

His future plans and ideas on the same are quite different from a lot of us. He has no plans as of now. He says, “Thoughts flutter now and then but that is all they do- flutter! As a dear friend put it, the day a story begins to breathe in me, I guess I will have something to write”.

If you are someone who enjoys the roller-coaster ride of emotions, this book is a must! Even if you aren’t, Promises of a firefly promises to light up the rooms of your emotions and turn it into a night full of lit fireflies. A cup of hot tea, an evening well and warm, and Promises of a firefly is all you need to soothe your soul!