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Press Council panels for ‘paid news’ in poll-bound states


New Delhi, April 7:

The Press Council of India (PCI) on Thursday announced setting up of sub-committees comprising members and senior journalists for poll-bound states to monitor the coverage in newspapers from the angle of paid news.

Pic. firstpost.com
Pic. firstpost.com

According to an announcement here, Ravindra Kumar and Bipin Newar will travel to Assam while Sondeep Shankar and Rajeev Ranjan Nag will be the two-member panel to monitor media functioning during electioneering in West Bengal.

Suman Gupta and Prajananda Chaudhuri will visit Puducherry, Kosuri Amarnath and C.K. Nayak will go to Kerala and K.R. Vyas and S.N. Sinha to Tamil Nadu.

The PCI, in a communication to the chief electoral officers, have sought co-operation in facilitating the work of the sub-committees including their movement and access to places of election and reporting during the process, a council source told IANS here. (IANS)