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Pregnant woman carried on a cot in Odisha!


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Rayagada, Mar 14:

In a shocking incident, a pregnant woman suffering from labour pains had to be carried on a charpoy to the community health centre after the 108 ambulance failed to turn up in  Kalyansinghpur area of Rayagada district on Sunday.

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The woman, a native of Nuasahi village, had already delivered on the charpoy by the time they reached the community hospital.

Worse, there was no doctor to attend to the patient, they had to wait at least half-a-hour before an ASHA worker came to the woman’s rescue and attended her, the victim’s family has alleged.

Dr Laxmikant Sahu, in charge of the community health centre  has said that the ambulance had made several trips since morning and would have reached the patient  if reported at the right time.

“We only have one ambulance, how many times can the vehicle go. If the mother would have informed in the right time, they (ambulance) are fast here, but the problem needs to be reported at the right time”, said Sahu.

Rayagada district collector Jagannath Mohanty has said, “By the time the ambulance had reached the village the patient was already in the hospital. I will make sure that such an incident does not happen again.”

Currently, the sub collector, BDO and ADPO have been asked to go to the hospital. All attempts will be made to help the woman,” he added.

Earlier, a pregnant woman suffering labour pains in Bisinger village of Odisha had to be carried slung over a bamboo pole by her husband and father-in-law to the hospital 8 km away, after the ambulance service did not respond on March 9.