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Pravash unites with family in Odisha; promises not to return


Reported by Malay Ray
Rourkela, Oct 4:

Odisha born biochemical engineer Pravash Ranjan Samal,  who had been abducted and then released by suspected ISIS extremists  in Libya, united with his anxiously waiting mother, brother and other members of the family here on Saturday.

Picture Courtesy: mbctv.co.in
Picture Courtesy: mbctv.co.in

“The prayers of my family members and the people of the Odisha helped me return safely to the country,” said a Pravash in his first reaction after arriving at his family home here in the afternoon after an arduous journey by road from Bhubaneswar.

“I had no idea that the people of our state are so anxious to know about my whereabouts,” said a visibly moved Pravash thanking everyone for their support during his harrowing ordeal.

“Till recently, I was a little known person in the state. But it was only after my return that I came to know that everyone in the state knows about me and my abduction. I must thank one and all since their prayers have certainly
helped me to get over the crisis,” Pravash added.

Pravash, however, was not too keen to discuss in detail about his abduction. “ As I have arrived on my soil, I don’t want to remember those black days. I want to forget those days as early as possible and resume normal life along with my family members,” Pravash said. “I am extremely delighted after meeting my family members, here
at Rourkela,” said Pravash.

“After my safe return, my mother, brother and other members of the family want me to promise that I will not go to Libiya again and settle here instead. I have no option than to respect their sentiments,” Pravash added.

The family members of Pravash, including his mother, were overjoyed on getting Pravash in front of them. “I have been listening about his release and arrival in India for the last couple of days. But  it is only after seeing him in front of me now tha I can now believe that he has indeed returned.” said his mother Shanti Lata Nayak. “ All of us, including  our near and dear ones and close relatives, are now very happy after his arrival here this afternoon,” said his brother Bibhu Padarbinda Nayak.